Cost cutting in Málaga

As from March 15th, Málaga Council is reducing its fleet of official cars from 23 to 8 vehicles in a cost cutting exercise, theoretically saving around €108,000.

Currently, every member of the Council has his or her own official car, but as from the 15th there will be one car for the deputy mayor, one for ‘protocol’, three for the opposition parties and three available for use on a rotation basis.

Councillors attending events will have to call to see if a car is available and if not, they will have to take a taxi, public transport or even, heaven forbid, walk. Wonder which they will choose?

The Council will be meeting next week with taxi operators to agree terms and modes of payment for official journeys.

The current rental agreement for official cars ends shortly and the new rentals will be hybrid models with GPS to allow for easy location and efficient use.

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