Gruesome discovery

At around 15:00 on Tuesday afternoon, a local resident out walking near the Palacio de los Deportes José María Martín Carpena reported finding the body of a man floating face down in one of the marshy channels of the rio Guadalhorce.

The Emergency Services cordoned off the area and began the difficult task of recovering the body from the marshy land.

The body is that of 56 year old A.J.P.B., a local Málaga city resident who was reported missing a few days ago by his family. Identification of the deceased was made very quickly as he was carrying identity papers in his pocket.

An initial visual inspection of the body showed no signs of violence, although the actual cause of death will not be known until after an autopsy is carried out. The man’s clothes were torn, but this could have been due to having been dragged downstream through the water.

This is the second body found in a riverbed in Málaga province within one week, the other being that of a middle-aged man found near Alcaucín.

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