The end of analogue TV in Málaga province

During the next few days, 72 municipalities in Málaga province will see the disappearance of the old analogue TV signal with the progressive introduction of TDT – Terrestrial Digital Television. Yet despite massive publicity campaigns, thousands still do not have proper access to TDT for various reasons.

By March 30th, traditional analogue TV will completely disappear in Málaga province, never to return. Today sees the shutdown of the signal repeater in Mijas and on March 22nd, El Limonar closes down.

So, why isn’t everyone prepared or able to benefit fully from TDT?

Many believe that a simple adjustment to the antenna is all that is necessary in most cases. However, it is thought that the existing wiring system in 70% of apartment blocks is incompatible with the new digital signal and many communities have not bothered, either mistakenly or intentionally, to upgrade. The cost of upgrading the wiring system would, on average, cost each resident around €100.

Although the bulk of people upgrading to digital television have used authorised, professional installers, it is thought that around 40% of installations have been carried out by unqualified, ‘pirate’ installers with, as a result, no guarantee if the system doesn’t work or goes wrong.

Some 80% of complaints received so far concerning digital reception problems relate to poor installation of the system. The remaining 20% tend to be problems relating to coverage or interference, particularly in coastal areas, with wind and rain being major factors.

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