Email scam

There was bound to be some sort of scam following the volcanic dust air chaos, and there is.

An e-mail scam claiming it can help passengers hit by the volcanic ash flight ban is currently under investigation. The e-mails claim they are from the Civil Aviation Authority and inform affected travellers they could be entitled to receive £2,000 compensation.

The CAA said it will be asking the police to investigate the scam. If you reply, you’ll be asked for an ‘administration fee’ before your payment can be released.

The e-mails being circulated claim to be from one Frank Adam, chief consumer protection officer at the CAA, and claim compensation of £2,000 is available for those stranded by the Icelandic volcanic ash clouds, in return for the administration fee and your personal details, including passport information. Duhh…

Do not open it, delete it immediately.

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