Losing it on air

Australian documentary film maker Justin Sisley has convinced several young people to appear in a reality television programme in which they auction their virginity to the highest bidder, although he has been forced to move the auction from the Australian state of Victoria to Nevada in America after authorities said they would charge him with prostitution if the filming went ahead.

According to a report in the Sydney Daily Telegraph, the virgins will be paid $20,000 each to take part in the auction and will also receive 90 per cent of their ‘sale price’, the remainder of the money going to the Nevada brothel which is hosting the event.

During the initial stage, bids will be placed online, but later on, during the final part of the auction, the bidders will come face to face with the people whose virginity they are bidding for.

No doubt these ‘stars’ will become the next ‘celebrities’ dominating the front pages of the media, their every movement, bowel or otherwise, recorded, documented, analysed and churned out on a daily basis. Or hopefully not. What is the world coming to?

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