Strange lawsuit

A Canadian woman, Gabriella Nagy, is suing a mobile phone company for 600,000 Canadian dollars for invasion of privacy and breach of contract and blames the company for the breakup of her marriage.

Her husband apparently became suspicious after noticing a frequently called phone number on the itemised bill. Dialling the number, he was told by the man on the other end that he had been having an affair with his wife. The husband then left his wife and their children.

Mrs Nagy said the affair was over and the reason it came out was through no fault of her own and that a breach of privacy by the phone company was the cause of the breakup. She claims that she asked the phone company to send her bill in her name to her home, but it was instead bundled with the couple’s television, internet and home phone bill in her husband’s name.

Err, who was it who had the affair, Mrs Nagy or the phone company? Play with fire, get burned. It is to be hoped that the court treats such a lawsuit with the contempt it deserves.

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