Brian Blessed for SatNav

Can you just imagine SatNav instructions being delivered by the dulcet tones of Brian Blessed? Well, it is not beyond the realms of possibility as a Facebook and internet campaign is underway to make this happen.

TomTom, the manufacturers of SatNav systems, has agreed that if 25,000 people join the Facebook campaign, they will make it happen. Mr Blessed is said to be keen on the idea. The campaign already has 13,500 members, so it’s well on its way. Read more about it (and see a video demo) HERE. There would certainly be no falling asleep at the wheel!

  1. Yeah, minor point, Brian isn’t merely “said to be keen on the idea”, he’s IN THE VIDEO. Thought I should clear that up…

    • The Captain says:

      Very true, and a nice surprise for those clicking through. Great idea though, hope it comes to fruition.

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