Learner drivers could fail their driving test if they pose a threat to the planet, under new proposals being draw up by the European Commission.

How long before politicians are tested to see if they pose a threat to the gene pool?

Under the new proposals, for which there is thankfully no proposed legislation, sudden braking, revving the engine or wasting fuel by being too heavy on the accelerator pedal could prove costly.

Brussels is looking to include so-called ‘eco-driving’ in the practical driving test and would be achieved by widening the current EU Driving Licence Directive, which is binding on all member states.

In Britain, of course, ‘eco-driving’ is already part of the written test and has been since September 2008.

It is argued that such a move will herald the end of ‘boy racers’ and everyone will drive in an environmentally responsible manner. And it will, of course. For the one hour duration of the test.

Fortunately, any new proposals that emerge, including the widening of the EU driving licence directive, will be subject to scrutiny by the various European parliaments and subject to negotiations between Member States. And we all know just how long it takes to get more than two member states to agree on anything, unless it’s a pay increase.

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