Hairy invasion

The RSPCA is warning that Britain is facing a ‘tarantula invasion’ after two of these hairy arachnids, both rare 10cm-wide Chilean Rose tarantulas, were discovered in Bolton.

The two spiders, both now re-homed by the RSPCA, are believed to be part of a larger batch. However, these tarantulas can’t survive very long in the wild in the UK due to the climate.

The two spiders, one male and one female and of the same age and breed, were found within a period of a month. Fang (yes, it has been given a name) was discovered in a garden in Sharples, the other, as yet unnamed, was found sitting on a garden wall in Lostock.

This particular breed of tarantula can become hostile when irritated and they spit hairs which can cause blindness. Another characteristic of this breed is that the female usually kills the male after mating, which could explain why they were found so far apart.

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