Cafe on Burriana beach closed due to noise problems

The Council yesterday ordered the closure of a cafe on Burriana beach due to complaints about excessive noise. The offending noise was not, however, music, as one normally expects, but the sound from coolers and fans on the premises.

A couple living above the cafe have made several complaints in recent years about the noise of the coolers and fans spoiling their enjoyment of their terrace. For this reason the cafe was also closed down for a short while in May 2008.

In March of this year, the cafe owner was issued with a €1,000 fine for breaching the noise regulations. He paid the fine and took steps to eliminate the noise problem but it did not stop the complaints and the premises have now been sealed.

The owner of the premises, Antonio Guerrero, is expecting to make yet more alterations, soundproofing the room housing the coolers and ventilators, and hopes to re-open as soon as possible.

The Council has no problem with the cafe reopening provided it conforms to the noise regulations.

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