Just a regular mum on a private vacation

Michelle Obama has been likened to a modern-day Marie Antoinette as she swans around Southern Spain on her informal, perfectly normal ‘just mum and daughter’ private holiday. Fourteen limousine motorcades, 40 friends in tow, 68 US security guards on permanent duty, the use of Air Force Two, 60 rooms at a five star hotel; pretty normal stuff.

Yesterday, a 100 metre stretch of beach in Marbella was cordoned off so that Marie and her Court could go for a dip, regular bathers being subjected to searches if they strayed too close to the area.

The American public appear to be none too happy about this lavish holiday by Michelle Obama, particularly as by the end of the summer she will have enjoyed eight such vacations. It is seen as being a little out of order when the country is still experiencing financial difficulties. Well, the average person is suffering economic hardships.

In reality, Michelle Obama is probably behaving no differently than any other First Lady has done in the past, it’s one of the perks of the job. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royals, and their spouses and offspring, all do the same. Some attract media attention, some don’t.

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