History rewritten

A protester heckled and interrupted a speech by US First Lady Michelle Obama at a fundraising event causing the First Lady to throw a wobbly and state, “Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.” The crowd, for some reason, urged Mrs Obama to stay, and the woman was …

Just a regular mum on a private vacation

Michelle Obama has been likened to a modern-day Marie Antoinette as she swans around Southern Spain on her informal, perfectly normal ‘just mum and daughter’ private holiday. Fourteen limousine motorcades, 40 friends in tow, 68 US security guards on permanent duty, the use of Air Force Two, 60 rooms at a five star hotel; pretty normal stuff.

Michelle Obama arrives in Benhavis

Quality tourism has arrived in Málaga, Michele Obama and her youngest daughter Sasha arriving at Málaga airport yesterday on board a military plane.