Mystery tour

“I’d like a ticket to…”

“Here you are sir”

“But I haven’t told you where I’m going!”

“Not necessary, sir, we’ll leave that up to the French. Have a nice journey. Next!”

Tourists on a sleeper train from Spain to Italy woke up in Zurich after French railway staff made a bit of a faux pas.

About 135 people were on the sleeper named Salvador Dali which normally does the Barcelona to Milan route and 170 were on the Pau Casals, which operates between Barcelona and Zurich. Both sleepers travel as part of the same convoy to Lyon where they are split up and go their separate ways.

Technicians split the train as scheduled in the city of Lyon after it arrived from Barcelona, but they mixed up the carriages bound for Milan with those supposed to go to the Swiss city of Zurich. The drivers of the two locomotives went the right way but they left Lyon with the wrong set of carriages.

Wonder how many passengers actually noticed?

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