The numbers game

Wednesday, if you hadn’t noticed, was what is known (except in America where they switch month and day) as a Sequential Day, the precise time of the occurrence being at 12.34pm and 56.7 seconds, the date completed the pattern with 8.9.10.

The phenomenon is rare, the last ‘pure’ sequence having fallen at 01.23.45am on 6.7.89 and the next one will not be until 01.23am on 4.5.67 – in 2067.

March 14th is celebrated by American mathematicians as 3.14 represents Pi to three digits. It is also Einstein’s birthday, he was born on March 14th 1879.

Mathematicians also mark such things as square root days, the last one being 3.3.09 and the next being 4.4.16. Whatever honks your horn, I suppose.

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