Coín Council to do more to curb the ‘botellón

Following a meeting of the Local Security Board in Coín, attended by Council members and representatives of the Local Police and Guardia Civil, Mayor Gabriel Clavijo promised more action to curb the practice of ‘botellón’ (street drinking) in the municipality following an upsurge in street drinking.

The Mayor stated that there is no area in the municipality authorised for ‘botellón’ and promised more surveillance to curb the practice, particularly in urbanisation Buenos Aires where numerous complaints have been received from local residents.

The Mayor also urged establishments to take more care to avoid selling alcohol to minors and said that those who break the rules will be severely punished.

It was also reported at the meeting that crime in the municipality during the first six months of this year had fallen by around 30% compared to 2009. The most common crimes during this period have been theft and destruction of public property.

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