Potty shortage forces cancellation of Glastonbury 2012

The Glastonbury Festival 2012 has been cancelled….due to a lack of portable toilets and police officers caused by the Olympic Games being held in London.

Festival organiser Michael Eavis said there will be a severe shortage of portable toilets and London will be draining the nation of police officers, forcing up prices for the remaining few who might be available. Mr Eavis added that Avon and Somerset Police had recently warned him that not a single officer would be available to oversee the event due to the Olympic Games.

Glastonbury traditionally takes place at the end of June and next year’s festival sold out within four hours when it went on sale on October 3rd. The rock band U2 were expected to be the main attraction.

Around 600 police officers normally oversee the Glastonbury festival at a cost of around £1.2million. The Olympic Games in London are expected to occupy the services of some 9,000 police officers every single day from a few days before the opening ceremony on July 27th until the end of the Games.

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