New smoking laws as from January 2011

The Congressional Health Commission is today, Wednesday, expected to approve the new law relating to the supply, sale, consumption and advertising of tobacco which will come into effect on January 2nd 2011.

The law bans smoking in enclosed public places, although with a few exceptions.

Under the new amendments, Hotels will be allowed to set aside 30% of rooms for smokers but these must always be the same rooms and must be clearly identified as such.

Hospital campuses, including outdoor areas, and children’s entertainment areas will be designated as ‘no smoking’ but this will not apply to university campuses.

Smoking will be allowed in prisons, nursing homes and psychiatric institutions, but only in specially designated rooms.

The new amendment also defines what constitutes a ‘terrace’ or ‘smoking area’, namely that it must have two walls and a roof.

The text of the amendment, once approved, will go directly to the Senate.

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