Democracy at work

The Swiss are nothing if not democratic, the people actually having a say in what should happen within their country. How radical.

Switzerland is set to vote on a controversial law that will allow for all immigrants to be automatically expelled from the country if they commit a crime. Benefit fraudsters and burglars are also included in the proposed law, not just those committing so-called ‘serious crimes’.

The proposal has come from the Swiss People’s Party, which has the backing of a majority of the population, and will probably be passed in a referendum scheduled for November 28th.

The controversial campaign for the initiative has involved posters featuring a black sheep being kicked out of the country by several white sheep, something that would probably be deemed ‘racist’ in countries like the UK.

The proposed new law calls for benefit cheats to be deported immediately and the maximum period of the ban on re-entry following expulsion to be extended from five to twenty years.

Last year, after a plebiscite banning minarets on mosques in the country was passed.

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