Swiss vote against tighter gun controls

Voters in that most democratic of countries, Switzerland, have voted against proposed tighter controls on gun ownership, voters deciding during the referendum to retain the current system, which allows army-issued weapons to be kept at home.

Democracy at work

The Swiss are nothing if not democratic, the people actually having a say in what should happen within their country. How radical.

Democracy still rules in Switzerland

Ignoring the advice of their Government, the Swiss people have voted in favour of a ban on the building of minarets in the country in a referendum held on Sunday. Around 57% of voters said ‘no’ to minarets, many fearing that allowing minarets would represent the growth of an ideology and a legal system, Sharia law, which are incompatible with …

Almuñecar referendum

The good citizens of Almuñecar and La Herredura have been voting in a referendum to give initial approval to the PGOU for the municipality. Of the total votes cast, 77.8% were in favour, 19.3% were against and 2.9% of the ballot papers were blank or void. Although the result of the referendum was a resounding ‘Si’, it has to be …

Venezuela goes to the polls

Today, some 17 million Venezuelans go to the polls to vote in a referendum to decide whether officials, the President and other elected persons, such as legislators, Mayors, Councillors etc, can be re-elected indefinitely rather than for a set number of terms. President Hugo Chavez, who has been in power now for ten years, has repeatedly said he is prepared …

Spanish deputy expelled from Venezuela

Venezuela has expelled a Spanish deputy of the European parliament after he reportedly labeled President Hugo Chavez a dictator. A referendum is being held in Venezuela on Sunday to remove all term limits on elected officials, including President Chavez.