Municipal Elections 22nd of May 2011

Citizens of the EU, Norway, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, New Zealand, Paraguay and Peru are able to vote in the next Municipal Election if they have declared their wish to use this right in Spain.

The application to be included on the Electoral Role by nationals of those countries that have agreements, can be made from the 1st of December 2010 to the 15th of January 2011.

EU Citizens and nationals from those countries with agreements that recognise the right to vote can participate in the municipal election providing they are residents in Spain and over 18 years old.

Nationals of EU Countries:

To register on the electoral role you must first register on the Town Hall Census (Padron) then fill in a declaration of your wish to vote.

The Electoral Census Office will send letters to those who registered after the last municipal elections in 2007 and have not yet declared their wish to vote. If you registered prior to May 2007 and declined your right to vote you will not be contacted again. You must go to the Town Hall to complete your declaration to vote if you wish to do so in
the next municipal elections.

If you were not on the electoral census for the last municipal elections in 2007 and would like to vote on May 22nd 2011, contact the Foreigners Department at Nerja Town Hall who verify if you are registered on the Town Hall census.

If you are registered, you will be able to complete the form stating your wish to vote. If you are not registered, they will bea able to register you. You will need your passport, N.I.E. Certificate and proof of where you live (title deeds, rental contract or an electric, water or phone bill).

The non EU countries with agreements for the next municipal elections are: Norway, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru.

People from these countries must be over 18, request registration on the electoral census and fulfil the rest of the conditions established in said agreements.

1. Have a Spanish Residence certificate or card for at least 5 continuous years.
2. You will vote in the municipality where you live and are registered on the census.
3. The inscription on the electoral census for foreign residents in Spain will be on a separate form. This form will be presented at the Town Hall where you are registered.


The conditions established are the same as above except that you must have lived for at least three continuous years in Spain with a Residence certificate or card.

As well as being able to present the requests at Town Halls, the Electoral Census Office will contact all citizens from those countries with special agreements, who are eligible to vote.

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