Three robbers detained after car chase

Guardia Civil officers have detained three robbers in Lebrija, Sevilla, after a car chase involving a number of vehicles.

Thieves stole the safe from a supermarket in Alcalá de Guadaíra and then fled the scene, heading down the AP-4 towards Utrera.

The suspect vehicle was spotted in Los Palacios where it continued to evade capture, jumping red lights and ignoring requests to stop.

The vehicle then headed for Lebrija with a number of Guardia Civil joining in the chase. Heading down the A471, closed for roadworks, the suspect vehicle then jumped a one metre gap in the road and came to a halt, the three occupants then fleeing on foot.

They were eventually captured, although one put up severe resistance and injured one of the police officers.

The detainees are two men, aged 42 years and 20 years, and a 22 tear old woman who was driving the getaway vehicle.

Police recovered the supermarket safe which contained €5,500 in cash and a number of phone cards.

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