Fine and ban for Mourinho

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has been fined by Uefa and banned for two Champions League matches, although the second match is suspended for three years.

Players Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos, along with manager Mourinho, were found guilty of improper conduct relating to the dismissal of the players in the match against Ajax.

Mourinho, who denied any wrongdoing, was fined £33,500 for appearing to instruct Alonso and Ramos to attempt to receive strategic second yellow cards in last week’s 4-0 win at Ajax.

Both players received their marching orders for time-wasting, and this meant they would be banned from group G winners Real’s next, meaningless match against Auxerre but would then start the Champions League knockout stage with a clean sheet.

Alonso and Ramos were fined £16,700 for their part in the incident, while goalkeeper Iker Casillas and reserve keeper Jerzy Dudek were also financially penalised after being captured on television apparently passing messages to Alonso and Ramos from the dugout.

Mourinho will only be suspended for the second match if he is again found guilty of improper conduct within the next three years.

All have the right to appeal within three days.

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