Baldrick rides again

The UK Government today unveiled a White Paper with plans to end regulation of the fast food industry in return for help in campaigning against obesity. Basically, the fast food industry would be left to regulate itself.

A well proven strategy, as was seen with the banks.

Councils rather than the NHS will take responsibility for ‘health improvement strategies’ in their area.

Great idea, look what happened (and is still happening) with Health and Safety. Enter the Food Police. How they will invoke the anti-terrorism laws to put cameras in cupcakes is unclear, but they are bound to find a way.

Regulation of salt and sugar in junk foods would cease.

Why not go for a generic label ‘food’, after all, there are no unscrupulous people in the world.

Public health directors will be moved to councils to become champions of healthy living.

Obviously surplus to requirements, why not make them get a proper job?

A Health Inclusion Board to look into the causes of deprivation and health inequalities.

Jobs for the boys, a cushy life, high salaries and suitably vague job description.

A new public health premium payment to reward councils that tackle inequalities between different groups in society.

Back to targets, inflated bonuses and league tables.

Sounds just what is needed.

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