Water and biccies anyone?

For seven long years, parents at the Mill Hill Children’s Centre, Waterlooville, Hampshire, have merrily drunk tea and coffee and dunked their digestives while their their kids played. They even pay for the privilege. But not any more.

Health and Safety have struck again and have now banned hot drinks from the coffee mornings as they now believe that hot drinks pose too much of a threat to their wallets the children.

Children, of course, never come into contact with people drinking hot drinks in their own homes, in cafes or anywhere else for that matter, so the move is hardly surprising.

The only real surprise is that it hasn’t happened sooner.

There are so many dangers to children, both in the home and outdoors, from appliances, furniture, cooking materials, cars, conkers, falling acorns, the air and countless other hazards, both natural and man-made, lurking in the real world that, from a Health and Safety point of view, it is highly irresponsible of people to have children in the first place and it should stop immediately.

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