Wonder why…

Annoying, sometimes, when a song suddenly invades the sanctity of ones thoughts for no apparent reason, refusing to leave of its own accord until it has driven you to the point of despair. You end up humming it, whistling it and, heaven forbid (in my case), even singing it out loud.

There I was, mindlessly reading about the local government Councillor for Beaches, Commerce, Businesses and Opening Licenses, Occupation of Public Thoroughfares and Parks and Gardens being elected president of the Association of Nerja Businesses (AEN), when for no reason I can possibly think of, into my mind it popped.

From then on I was constantly humming that age-old toon, ‘Puppet on a String‘. Inexplicable. Ah well.

  1. Linda Ma says:

    “Wonder Why” comment…….It will be us left shoeless !! AEN a new office, staff and all to improve the town business plans, for those that have a business, all I see are empty locals, too expensive to rent and unkept, with the “crisis” being the best excuse for everything.
    Shake them all over would be a good hum.

  2. The Captain says:

    There is always a need for a periodic ‘shake-up’ when someone has been in power for a long time, in this case 16 years, as they become too complacent and self-serving and lose sight of the big picture in their comfort zone. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any viable alternative. There definitely needs to be less emphasis on pumping all available funds into short-term building projects for the purpose of earning revenue through the various licenses and more effort put into sustainable, long-term growth.

    Encouragement and incentives for local businesses to start up or expand, such as temporarily reducing some of the various fees might be a good start, rather than the current situation of hammering, for example, local bars and restaurants, with increased charges for terraces, awnings, plants, signs and anything else they van think of. It hardly encourages anyone to start up a business.

    There is little point in building such ‘salvation’ items as marinas if there are no businesses remaining to serve any visitors. In a time of crisis, new offices, be it for the AEN or for a new Town Hall, are a luxury and the money could be far better spent. A new office is not going to attract visitors to the town, which is what is needed.

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