Goyas 2011

It is the gong season, and in Spain this means the Goya Awards, now in their 25th year. The winners of the Goyas in the various categories were:

  • Film – Pa negre (Black Bread)
  • Director – Agustí Villaronga, Pa negre (Black Bread)
  • New Director – David Pinillos, Bon Apetit
  • Production Supervision – Cristina Zumárraga, También la lluvia (Even the Rain)
  • Photography – Antonio Riestra, Pa negre (Black Bread)
  • Original Screenplay – Chris Sparling, Buried
  • Adapted Screenplay – Agustí Villaronga, Pa negre (Black Bread)
  • Art Direction – Ana Alvargonzález, Pa negre (Black Bread)
  • Leading Actress – Nora Navas, Pa negre (Black Bread)
  • Leading Actor – Javier Bardem, Biutiful
  • Supporting Actress – Laia Marull, Pa negre (Black Bread)
  • Supporting Actor – Karra Elejalde, También la lluvia (Even the Rain)
  • New Actress – Marina Comas, Pa negre (Black Bread)
  • New Actor – Francesc Colomer, Pa negre (Black Bread)
  • Editing – Rodrigo Cortés, Buried
  • Original Score – Alberto Iglesias, También la lluvia (Even the Rain)
  • Original Song – “Que el soneto nos tome por sorpresa”, Jorge Drexler, Lope
  • Costume Design – Tatiana Hernández, Lope
  • Sound – Urko Garai, Marc Orts, James Muñoz, Buried
  • Makeup and Hair – J. Quetglas, P. Rodríguez, N. Sánchez, Balada triste de trompeta (The Last Circus)
  • Special Effects – R. Abades y F. Piquer, Balada triste de trompeta (The Last Circus)
  • Animated Film – Chico y Rita
  • Documentary Film – Bicicleta, cuchara, manzana (Bicycle, Spoon, Apple)
  • Short Fiction Film – Una caja de botones (A Box of Buttons)
  • Short Documentary Film – Memorias de un cine de provincias
  • Short Animation Film – La bruxa
  • Foreign Film in the Spanish Language – La vida de los peces (The Life of Fish)
  • European Film – El discurso del Rey (The King’s Speech)
  • Honourary Goya – Mario Camus

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