Gynecologist resigns in Cádiz ‘baby thefts’ case

The gynecologist Abelardo García Balaguer, under investigation by the Public Prosecutor in Algeciras for his alleged involvement in the disappearance of newborn babies in the province of Cádiz, has submitted his resignation from the executive of the PP in Linea de la Concepcion for ‘personal reasons’.

The name Abelardo García Balaguer appears in a number of cases, thirteen so far, relating to newborn babies allegedly stolen in the Campo de Gibraltar during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

During this period, Abelardo García Balaguer was on the staff at the Hospital Municipal and still has a private practice in La Linea.

In one of several cases currently under investigation, a woman states that she was admitted to the delivery room in 1967 and anaesthetised. An hour later, a midwife told her she had a beautiful 5.750 kilo baby. Three hours later, the midwife returned to tell her that the baby had died.

There was apparently no death certificate, no details of what had happened to the baby and no record of burial in the San José cemetery in La Línea. There was not even any record of the woman having been admitted to the hospital for the delivery.

There are several very similar cases as well as a number who claim that when anyone asked to see their babies, they were all shown exactly the same photo by the doctor.

Abelardo García Balaguer admits to having been working as a gynecologist at the time but describes the complaints and accusations as ‘all lies’.

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