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The proposed sewage treatment plant for Nerja, talked about (and little else done about it) for over forty years is an emotive subject. The fact that a tourist town of this size is without a treatment plant defies belief, especially when you consider that the population triples during the summer months.

The periodic ‘slick’ (to put it politely) appearing off the beaches is a well known and well documented phenomenon and is much commented upon in many forums around the world. And it does have the effect of putting some potential visitors off the idea of coming to this part of the coast.

Land in Fuente de Baden has now been allocated as the site for the future treatment plant, but this is not to everyone’s liking.

A group called Save Nerja believes this to be a totally unsuitable location, likening it to ‘putting a toilet in your living room’ and are campaigning for a change of location.

Save Nerja agrees that a treatment plant is essential and long overdue, but disagrees to the proposed location on the grounds that it is a health risk, will reduce property values and ruin the natural beauty of the area.

You can check out their website here: Save Nerja

What does anyone think about the location? And given that it has to go somewhere, where would be a better location?

  1. I am saddened that the sewage plant issue is still not resolved after all this time.
    I have already booked in advance my summer holiday 2011 to the beautiful nerja, but feel it is time someone in authority sorted this mess once and for all.
    How can it be that the rest of the costas seem to have their respective sewage plants up and running, yet Nerja continues to lack this important facility.
    If they continue to drag their feet on this issue, then sadly people will be put off by the very visual slick of raw sewage that I have experienced for the last few years.
    It can only be a most rewarding investment for the enviroment, the local people of nerja and the tourists alike.

  2. Steve says:

    Today, the projected cost of the Sewage Waste Plant is 41,000,000 euros, which one can expect will run over budget at well over 50,000,000 by the time it is all over. It is the single most important and expensive project in the history of Nerja. No other project will ever cost more. We, the citizens of Nerja, must get this thing right the first time or we will regret it forever. It’s like life: there just is no second chance ?

  3. Thomas McBeth-Dougan says:

    I have been going to Nerja for 27 years and I would hotly contest the site at Fuente Del Baden. It is surrounded by housing from Capistrano, Fuente itself and indeed Maro. Would it not be better to put it in a location where there is no housing. Perhaps some of the wide open spaces between Nerja and Torrox Playa where it would be nearer the sea, with less costing for the pipework and excavation that would be necessary from Fuente. Why don’t the authorities put on their thinking caps and find the appropriate setting for this much needed facility.

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