Exhibitions and events for second half of 2011

The Department of Culture has finalised the list of exhibitions and events at the Sala Mercado and the Municipal Exhibition Hall in calle Cristo for the second half of 2011, and these are:

Sala Municipal de Exposiciones. Calle Cristo

8 to 29 July. Luis Santiago. Drawings
5 to 26 August. Andrés Pérez. Paintings
2 to 23 September. Patchwork workshop
30 September to 21 October. Simone Wiener. Paintings
28 October to 18 November. Sylvi Ambo. Paintings
25 November to 9 December. ANEDA
16 December to 6 January. Municipal Nativity scene

Sala Mercado. Plaza de la Ermita

12 July to 5 August. Virgilio. Ceramics
12 August to 2 September. Diego Pérez. Murals and Ceramics
15 September to 12 October. Candidates for the Feria de Nerja
17 to 28 October. Nerjadanza
4 to 25 November. Diego Bonillo. Paintings
2 December 6 January. Christmas play area for kids

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