Domestic violence fatality in Almeria

Thirty-year-old A.E.L. from Almeria has become the latest victim of domestic violence, stabbed twenty times by her former partner.

At around 10:40, police received a call to say that a man was attacking a woman in calle  Vinaroz in the El Zapillo district of Almeria city. When police arrived on the scene they found the lifeless body of the woman on the street and the murder weapon next to her body.

A group of local residents had restrained the alleged attacker, 42 year old V.F.C., who who was then arrested by the police. The alleged assailant confessed to the crime at the time of his arrest.

The couple, who have two children aged 6 years and 9 years, separated about a month ago and divorce proceedings were under way. Based on testimony from witnesses and local residents, the incident followed a heated discussion relating to the communion of one of their children.

It is also thought that V.F.C. waited in the street for his former partner to leave her home to walk the dog and that he was already armed with a knife.

There was apparently no record of prior abuse. This is the seventh domestic violence fatality in Andalucia so far this year.

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