Local Police officer hospitalised after ‘parking’ incident

A 37 year old local resident has been remanded in custody after an altercation with a Local Police officer on Monday night which left the officer needing hospital treatment for a number of injuries.

The police officer was apparently delivering letters to people chosen to assist with polling at the upcoming elections when he noticed a car badly parked on the pavement in avenida de Pescia and went to give the driver a warning.

After presenting his documents, the driver, 58 year old J.J.P.P., then apparently snatched back his papers, quickly got into his car and started to reverse, knocking the police officer to the ground and injuring him.

At the same time, the driver’s son, 37 year old J.F.P.J., arrived on the scene on his moped and, without saying hardly a word, took off his helmet and began fighting with the police officer.

Other officers from the nearby headquarters arrived on the scene and the son was arrested. The father initially fled the scene but gave himself up a short while later.

The police officer suffered a broken nose, broken cheek and required seven stitches in a cut to the forehead.

The son has been remanded in custody without bail, the father has been released on bail after an appearance in court in Torrox.

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