On the offensive

Seeing the headline ‘Films that outraged viewers in 2010’ I was naturally curious to see which devilish silver screen offerings have been causing a stir.

In a 92 page report, the British Board of Film Classification state that Peter Jackson’s dramatisation of the novel ‘The Lovely Bones’ prompted the biggest postbag of 2010, many people unhappy with its 12A rating.

Alice Sebold’s novel is about a young girl who is murdered and watches over the subsequent lives of her family and her killer from heaven. Unlike in most films these days, though, there is no explicit or gratuitous violence.

Indeed, there have been some reviewers who have decried the film for its lack of explicit sex scenes.

However, as the article went on to say that ‘Toy Story 3’ received 12 complaints for being ‘too dark for a U rating’, Disney’s ‘The Princess and the Frog’ received 6 complaints for references to voodoo and the use of tarot cards and Mike Leigh’s ‘Another Year’ received 1 complaint for showing ‘excessive alcohol drinking’, I quickly moved on.

There are far more outrageous offerings, including advertisements, on the silver screen and on TV on a daily basis at which no-one seems to bat an eyelid these days.

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