Can you help find Mary-Anne Goossens?

Friends and family, along with members of the small Dutch community, have been assisting with the search for missing Dutch tourist Mary-Anne Goossens, last seen on June 17th, but they are relatively few in number and the areas to be covered are large. Your help would be most appreciated.

Search teams are heading out from the Hotel Bajamar on a daily basis to cover different areas in Nerja, Maro and Frigiliana. If anyone can spare even just a little time to help with the searches this would be fantastic.

Tracing the movements of Mary-Anne since she arrived in Nerja could be vital in finding her or at least narrowing down the search area. Grab/print a copy of the photo of Mary-Anne and ask among your friends, workmates and in local bars if anyone can remember seeing her, it could jog a memory.

Check any snaps you have taken, get friends or visitors to check their holiday pictures to see if, by chance, Mary-Anne appears in any of them. It could help find her.

Anything at all that you can do to help find Mary-Anne would be most appreciated by her friends and family. If you can help with the daily searches or would like to know more about other ways in which you can help, please contact Fritz Korten (son of Mary-Anne and currently in Nerja to coordinate local searches) via 0031 651582068 (email [email protected]).

General information

Since Friday 17 June 2011, Dutch tourist Mary-Anne Goossens is missing. Mary-Anne left on Tuesday 14 June for a 10-day holiday-trip to Malaga (Spain). Last contact with Mary-Anne was Thursday night (16 June) with her children by text message. Mary-Anne checked into hotel Bajamar in Nerja on Thursday 16 June in the afternoon. Her credit and debit cards have been last used on that day.

She spent the night in the hotel Thursday night. Friday morning 17 June she went to the nearby village of Frigiliana. In this village she has been last seen in a store at around 13.00 hours in the afternoon, since that time there has been no sign of Mary-Anne. As of Friday 17 June she has not slept in the hotel. Friday 24 June should have been her return flight to The Netherlands. Unfortunately Mary-Anne was not on the plane.

Missing, Nerja

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