Mary-Anne Goossens found alive

Great news today as Mary-Anne Goossens, the Dutch tourist who disappeared on June 17th, was found alive.

Mary-Anne was found this morning, weak but conscious, by hikers near the Fábrica del Imán on the rio Chillar. She had become trapped in a disused well.

She was taken by helicopter to hospital in Vélez-Málaga.

  1. colleen says:

    fantastic news that mary-anne has been found, hoping for a recovery and happy reunion with her family,

  2. Max Hayman says:

    How very welcome to hear good news. We all wish her a speedy recovery and thanks to all who participated in the rescue.

  3. Lynne Hanson says:

    Yes, of course we are all very pleased that this lady has been found, she was very lucky indeed. However, I do think that she was rather foolish in not letting anyone know that she was going out walking and what her intended route was; she could have been found much sooner if people had known where she had been walking.
    I would often walk alone in the Peak District (where I used to live) but I always made sure that someone knew of my route.

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