Three boats intercepted in the past twenty-four hours

A total of twenty illegal immigrants have been intercepted off the coast of Andalucia in the past twenty-four hours, thirteen Moroccans and seven Algerians and including two minors.

At 19:15 on Thursday evening, seven Algerian nationals were intercepted 1.8 miles from Almeria port.

In the early hours of Friday morning, a total of thirteen illegal immigrants were intercepted in the Straits of Gibraltar.

At 04:00, a small dinghy carrying eight Moroccans, two of them children, wadetected by the SIVE surveillance system and intercepted a short while later 2.7 miles southwest of Isla de Tarifa.

At 05:00, a second inflatable dinghy carrying five Moroccans was intercepted 3.3 miles southwest of Isla de Tarifa.

All the immigrants are now enjoying the hospitality of the Spanish authorities pending their repatriation.

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