Mummified corpse found in Mijas ravine

Police in Mijas have found a mummified body hidden in a sleeping bag in a ravine in Mijas and it is thought that this could be the body of Jenna Lepomäki, an 18 year old Finnish girl who went missing in Fuengirola on June 29th while spending a holiday with friends.

The Finnish authorities received information that Jenna’s body could be in the Los Espartales area of Mijas and, more specifically, in an area known as finca de La Meri. Several Finnish police officers travelled to Málaga to investigate.

On Thursday, at around 14:00, Spanish and Finnish officers discovered a corpse in a ravine planted with avocados and fruits. The land belonged to a nearby farm which had been rented out to a Finnish family.

The ravine where the body was found is directly accessible from the farmhouse although it can be accessed from other directions.

The body was practically mummified, putting the time of death as some time during the summer. However, the skeletal nature of the remains made it impossible to determine whether the corpse was male or female, let alone confirm that it belonged to the missing girl.

An autopsy and forensic examination is being carried out to clarify the situation.

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