The big Christmas Lottery gets even bigger

Expenditure on the special Christmas lottery is expected to exceed é3,600 million this year, an average of €71.28 per capita, with the main prizes being increased to €4 million.

This means that anyone with the popular ‘tenth’ (decimo) will pocket €400,000 if their number comes up. The second prize has also been increased to €1.25 million.

Expected sales of tickets is estimated at €3,600 million, representing about 30% of the turnover of the State Lottery. Around €2,520 million is distributed in prizes, the rest is spent on management or goes to the Treasury.

The biggest spenders are once again the people of La Rioja with an expected average expenditure of €106.3 per capita. They are followed by Castilla y León with €102.00 per capita.

Sales of tickets last year stood at €2,694 million, a decline of 0.28% on the previous year and the average per capita expenditure was €57.65 with La Rioja and Castilla y León once again topping the spending list.

The Christmas lottery, which next year celebrates its 200th anniversary, will once again take place at the Palacio de Congresos in Madrid and, as usual, the numbers and awards will be ‘sung’ by children.

A ‘tenth’ ticket will cost €10, the same as last year.

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