Community spirit

Cerro de Pinto, Hiking Walking SpainFull marks for initiative and obviously necessary.

John Keogh of Hiking Walking Spain organised a walk for volunteers to the top of Cerro de Pinto (400meters/1300 feet), Frigiliana, to clear away rubbish left by careless and uncaring visitors to this beautiful area.

Twenty volunteers hiked to the top of Cerro de Pinto and cleaned an area close to the Cross, filling 35 bags of rubbish. But that was the easy part…..

The volunteers then had to hike back down the mountain, cross the Rio Higueron and climb back up to La Molineta with 35 bags of rubbish and put them into the waste collection area.

These people, Spanish, Irish, English, Scottish, Swedish, German, Argentinian and Dutch deserve a big THANK YOU from all who walk these mountains

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