Poor hotel occupancy for the ‘puente’

The president of the Andalucian Catering Federation has reported that this current ‘puente’, one of the longest, is the worst in history as far as hotel occupancy is concerned.

Hotel occupancy rates are at between 45% and 50%, only 10% higher than during a normal weekend. The only places to have done reasonably well are Sevilla, due to the Davis Cup, and Granada, due to the opening of the ski resort. In those two places, occupancy reached 65%.

The December ¡puente’ relies very much on domestic tourism but financial restraints appear to have taken their toll. In many cases, forecasts led to establishments taking on more staff only to have to send them home again as there is no work.

Last minute reservations very often bolster the figures but this time these have been conspicuously absent.

The forecast for the Christmas period is also bleak according to the Federation, although in this case, last minute reservations could have an effect.

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