A few weather stats for 2011

Taking the period up to November 30th 2011, the average temperature has been 16.67 degrees which is slightly higher than the previous best, 2006.

The hottest temperatures 42,45 degrees in Morón de la Frontera (Sevilla) and 42 degrees in Talavera la Realand (Badajoz). Strangely, July was actually the only monthe when the temperature was slightly down on normal and the lowest since 2002. However, it was only 0.1 degrees less.

The coldest places were Molina de Aragon with -13.6 degrees on January 23rd and Teruel with -13.0 degrees on January 26th.

Average rainfall in Spain up to December 14th is around 7% lower than normal. After the dry summer, rainfall is about 35% less than normal and September 2011 was the driest September since 1988.

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