It is reported that 32,431 adults have left Andalucia since the crisis began in 2008 in order to seek employment elsewhere, while at the same time the number of foreigners moving to Spain has increased.

There are now 176,062 foreigners in Andalucia compared to 143,631 at the beginning of the crisis.

Almería, Málaga and Granada are the provinces experiencing the greatest increase in the number of foreigners with increases of 32.2%, 28, 2% and 26.1% respectively. These same provinces have seen high numbers of Spanish nationals moving abroad, Almeria with 7,269, Málaga with 7,870 and Granada with 7,531.

Those seeking employment abroad tend to be young people aged between 25 and 35 years, highly qualified and without family, and from the branches of engineering, architecture or computer science.

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