Three drug distributors arrested in Málaga

Three people have been arrested in Málaga as alleged members of a hashish distribution network which had its headquarters in Algeciras, Cádiz province.

The police operation began several months ago and has resulted in the seizure of 442 kilos of hashish, weapons, vehicles and cash.

The first arrest took place on the Málaga to Algeciras highway, one of the men driving a vehicle carrying 63 kilos of drugs. The second arrest was a man in a high performance car whose task was to notify the drug-laden vehicle of any police presence. Obviously not very good at his job.

The third detainee, a 42 year old Moroccan national, is said to be the head of the network.

The gang is also thought to be responsible for a shipment of 370 kilos of drugs found in an abandoned car in Estepona in February.

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