Frigiliana Feria 2012 programme

Frigiliana Feria 2012The Feria de San Antonio takes place in Frigiliana from June 13th to 17th and the programme of events is as follows:

Wednesday June 13th

11:30 – Mass in honour of San Antonio de Padua
12:30 – Procession through the streets and down to the rio Higuerón
14:20 – Start of festivities with performance by Plácido
18:00 – Horse riding competition
22:00 – ‘Nueva Imagen’ performing in the Caseta Municipal in Plaza de las Tres Culturas

Thursday June 14th

18:00 – Election of the Feria Queen and Mister Infantil in the Caseta Municipal
20:45 – Spain v Ireland in Euro 2012 in the Caseta Municipal
22:30 – Performance by ‘Nueva Imagen’ in the Caseta Municipal

Friday June 15th

17:00 Various activities for kids (egg and spoon races, foam party etc) in the San Antonio area
22:00 – Fashion show in the Caseta Municipal
24:00 – Performance by ‘Nueva Imagen’

Saturday June 16th

12:30 – Performance by ‘La Amista’ in the Caseta Municipal
13:30 – Dance shows plus music from ‘Duo Compás)
17:00 – Dance shows by children’s Dance Academies
22:00 – Performance by ‘Nueva Imagen’

Sunday June 17th

08:00 – Bull run on calle Real
18:30 – Party for Seniors with Sergio Pérez ‘El Cincindi’ in the Caseta Municipal
22:00 – Performance by ‘Nueva Imagen’
00:30 – Close of festivities with firework display

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