List of drugs no longer funded by Social Security

The Goverment, via the Official State Bulletin (BOE) has published a list of 417 drugs which, after September 1st, will no longer be funded by Social Security.

Funding for 97 of these will actually continue in cases of acute or chronic illness. In general, users will have to pay the full price for many drugs relating to such things as skin irritation, cough, diarrhea or constipation, a move which will save the Government about €450  million.

Patients will have topay for popular drugs such as Almax (antacid), Emportal, Duphalac or Plantago (laxatives), Fortasec (diarrhea) and ointments to relieve pain caused by arthritis such as Fastum, Calmatel and Movilisin. Cough medicines are also on the list.

According to the Health Minister, Ana Mato, the Government is left to fund non-essential drugs and thus ensure access to all necessary drugs for diseases that threaten the lives of citizens, regardless of cost.

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