AEN facing €3,000 fine

The Ministry of Commerce of the Junta de Andalucia has informed the local Association of Employers, AEN, that disciplinary proceedings have been opened against the organisation and it faces a fine of €3,000.

In February 2012, the AEN organised the First ‘Outlet’ Discount Feria in Plaza de España, intending this to be a regular event to help both local residents and businesses during the financial crisis. The feria was quite successful.

A Ministry of Commerce inspector had been ordered to oversee the event but apparently made no mention at the time of any potential ‘problems’. Such discount events occur in a number of cities.

However, the AEN has now received written notification of a €3,000 fine for contravening the Andalucia Trade Act by offering discounted items in an area exceeding 300 square metres on a holiday.

The site had been used the previous week for the Carnival celebrations and had around 30 independent stalls set up.

The AEN is appealing against the fine and has postponed any plans for further, similar events.

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