Girl arranges hit on brother

A 16-year-old girl has been arrested in Madrid and charged with arranging the murder of her own brother. The lifeless body of David M. G., aged 21 years, was discovered in the family home in Torrejón de Ardoz after his sister found him on the sofa with a gunshot wound to the head.

The initial police investigation suggested a link to drugs, the two men arrested on suspicion of killing David M. G. were his associates in a small-scale dealing operation. However, It later emerged that David M. G. had raised objections to the intimate relationship between his sister and one these associates and had threatened them both.

Miguel Feliú de Diego, aged 22 years, and Francisco José Robles Mora, aged 20 years, have been remanded in custody while the victim’s sister has been placed in a child detention unit.

  1. the truth says:

    I think the least that you could do in cases like these where you openly give the full names of “suspected” criminals is to get the story straight. 1st. The “suspects” were not asociates of DMG, one was the boyfriend of DMG´s sister and the other a friend of the boyfriend. 2nd. no one seems to care that the sister and her boyfriend had been both beaten and threatened by DMG, that he was a theif and a drug dealer and that he also has a long record of agravated battery and breaking and entering a actually harming the people inside the residences that he broke into. No one asks why the police don´t do anything to remedy these type of situations intead of people having to take the law into their own hands for fear of their lives…. Come on… it´s not all black or white and get the story right!!!

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