Blue Zone parking proposals

The business associations of Vélez-Málaga (ACEV) and Torre del Mar (ACET) have submitted a proposal for the creation of 800 so-called ‘Blue Zone’ parking spaces, basically a parking tax, covering about a dozen streets in the town.

The objective of the limited parking for ACEV and ACET is to encourage the rotation of vehicles and promote business in the area. The tax will, of course, bring in useful revenue for the Council.

ACEV has proposed an initial phase to create 80 paid parking spaces in calle Cristobetween calle Cervantes and calle Carmelitas, calle Canalejas, Paseo Nuevo between calle Romero Pozo and calle La Carrera, and calle Alcalde José Herrera.

A second phase, another 272 spaces, would be in Camino Viejo de Málaga, calle Magallanes, calle Adeodato Altamirano, avenida Vivar Téllez between the library and the petrol station, and calle Cristo between the library and calle Cervantes.

A third phase, 174 limited parking spaces, would be in calles Del Río, Juan Barranquero and Reñidero.

In Torre del Mar, a first phase would cover calles Del Mar, Princesa, San Martín and Duque de Ahumada. A second phase would include plaza de la Axarquia and a third phase would include an area of the promenade to offset the loss of parking places once the proposed pedestrianisation of calle del Mar is carried out.

A price of one cent per second is being recommended with a maximum stay of 90 minutes.

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