Council receives copy of the new Emergency Plan

At an official ceremony in Málaga, twenty-five municipalities, including Nerja, were presented with the Emergency Plan and the Self-Protection Plan devised by the Civil Protection service in collaboration with specialist companies.

The documents cover the proper municipal procedures, powers and responsibilities relating to emergency situations and risks. The difference between the Emergency Plan and the Self-Protection Plan is that the former apply throughout the municipality and the latter relate specifically to buildings and specific events, such as parties, sporting and cultural gatherings.

The plans required an investment of €35,000 plus the cost of the technical support staff involved.

  1. M. Philpot says:

    Having been a lift engineer for Otis for many years I would advise the authorities to consider installing what we call a “coffin” lift at the Nerja Heath Centre. This type of lift would normally take 6 to 8 people but would have a lift up back wall to accommodate someone in a prone position i.e. on a stretcher.

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