Drunk driver causes havoc

A 20 year old resident of Torre del Mar, initials B.R.M., caused havoc in the early hours of the morning as he demolished a set of traffic lights, nine metal posts and ten bollards before finally coming to a halt by crashing into shop windows. The driver was drunk and had no licence.

Fortunately, the accident occurred at 06:10 and there were no pedestrians in the area and no-one was injured, not even the driver.

Police carried out a breathalyser test on the youth which was positive and showed a rate higher than 0.5, twice the legal limit. It was then discovered that the driver had no licence.

According to officials, the accident silences all criticism received about the random breath tests being carried out in the urban centre of the town because it shows that they are very necessary, especially at this time, and help not only to check the status of drivers but also if they have a licence or not, as in this case.

Technically, random breath tests being carried out in the centre had no effect in this case. They neither prevented an accident from occurring nor discovered a lack of documentation until after the event. The breath test was carried out after the driver had demolished half of the town.

The breath tests may have prevented other accidents from occurring – hopefully – but not in this case.

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