Doo doo…

Much is said about the problem of dog poo in Nerja on forums, such as Tripadvisor and others, and in comments, so I decided to do a little survey along the rio Chillar Walkway. In addition to a number of streets in that area being a bit ‘problematic’ (calle Málaga, avenida Castilla Perez, calle Manuel Marín, avenida Mediterraneo), the walkway can also be a bit of a hazardous area as far as dog poo is concerned.

So, along the walkway from El Playazo beach to the Supersol supermarket, an urban section of roughly one kilometre, there were a total of ninety piles of doggy doo doo, some huge.

This was just on one side of the walkway and only including the piles on the walking/cycling surfaces, not those deposits on the gravel kerb or shoulder as it were. To include those would have easily doubled, if not trebled, the number.

That’s an average of one pile of poo every 11.11 metres. The largest concentration was in the first section, highly urbanised, from El Playazo to the El Chaparil school – probably 70 of the 90.

Interestingly, or not, I didn’t see one single pooch during my walk. Easy, though, to see why joggers tend to weave their way along the walkway.

  1. richard says:

    So when are the local authorities going to do anything about it?. Never I suspose. They and the locals dont give a dam about their town or the tourists.thjey just want us to spend our mony and clear off.. Clear signs and big fines is the only answer.

    • Wilfred says:

      I commented on this before such a pity that no one seem,s to care.We have been coming out to Nerja for the past 15 years and it seem,s to be getting worse year by year.
      We have noticed that nearly half the population is walking or carrying a dog which is no bigger that a overgrown rat so they have to do there ???? somewhere !

  2. richard says:

    Why not pass on you item on do do and our comments to the local authority and ask what if anything they are going to do about it.

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